Southwest Regional Climate Hub


The Southwest Regional Hub is located at the Rangeland Management Research Unit/Jornada Experimental Range, the Agricultural Research Service location housed at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico. A subsidiary hub has been established with the Agricultural Research Service's Crop Pathology and Genetics Research Unit on the campus of the University of California, Davis.

“The Southwest is the area of the county that will be experiencing further effects of climate change before other parts of the nation will, because of its southerly location,” said Al Rango, Southwest Regional Hub Director and USDA Agricultural Research Service research hydrologist. “Like other arid and semiarid parts of the world, we depend on mountain snow pack for our water supply. We’ve studied that for awhile here and in other areas of the Southwest.”

The Southwest Regional Hub has partnered with Extension Service programs across its diverse region of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California, Hawaii and U.S. territories across the Pacific.  Collaborations with these state-based programs will provide existing mechanisms to deliver climate-smart information and technologies for agricultural production and land management.