Case Studies

The Southwest Climate Hub partners with the Conservation and Adaptation Resources Toolbox (CART, previously known as CCAST) to develop and disseminate Case Studies. Through support of the Southwest Drought Learning Network, these Case Studies showcase examples of drought adaptation, mitigation, and resilience. Case Study narratives focus on lessons learned that can inform future actions across diverse geographies by managers, researchers, producers, and other land stewards. More case studies are available through CART’s map-based dashboard and are searchable using tags and keywords. Please contact Maude Dinan with any questions.

Actionable Science

An Analysis of Drought Exposure, Impacts, and Adaptation in the South-Central U.S.

Developing Tools for Improved Water Supply Forecasting in the Rio Grande Headwaters

Decision-Making in Snow-Fed,
Arid-Land River Systems

Analyzing Social Learning to Improve Drought Response Along the Arkansas River in Colorado

Developing a Tool to Help Decision-Makers Navigate Complex Drought Scenarios

Testing a Model for the Prediction of Isolated Waters in the Sonoran Desert

Using Mulch and Compost for Rangeland Restoration

Ecological Benefits of Compost for Rangeland Plant and Soil Health

Community Engagement and Education

Rancher to Rancher Building a Community for Conservation in Montana

The National Drought Mitigation Center’s Drought Impacts Toolkit

Developing a Southwest Drought Learning Network

Collaborative Drought Planning
for Livestock Grazing on Southwestern National Forests

Co-Developing the Drought Severity Evaluation Tool for Use on the Navajo Nation

Community-Driven Water Management: The Tomorrow’s Water Model for Playa Restoration

The Farmer in Training Program: Addressing Agricultural Barriers and Promoting Resilience


Freeze Drying Crops for Increased Climate Change Resilience in New Mexico


Fire Management

Measuring the Effects of Fire Severity on Forest Resilience in
the Santa Catalina Mountains

Goats as a Tool for Fire Management on the Pueblo of Sandia

Nature-Based Solutions for Community-Level Preparedness to Wildfire

Land Conservation

Heritage Genetics to Increase Cattle Resilience during Drought

Supporting Drought Adaptation
on Navajo Rangelands

Restoring Rangelands in Northern New Mexico with Keyline Design


Drought Mitigation through Land Management and Water Distribution for Wild Horses

Rangeland Restoration Following the Martin Fire in Reno, Nevada

Habitat Restoration and Ciénaga Conservation on the Pitchfork Ranch

Water Conservation and Re-Use

Kansas Water Conservation
Areas Program


Five-Year Lease of Water Rights
for Environmental Flows Along
the Rio Chama

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