Native Climate

Our collaborative team of researchers, Tribal Extension educators, and Climate Hub leaders will expand USDA Climate Hub capacity and serve as a “climate clearinghouse” of tools and technologies to support climate resilience planning and actions by tribal agriculture producers in the Intermountain West. The Native Climate project aims to enhance Native agroecosystem resilience by expanding climate services and outreach to Tribal Extension agents, agriculture producers, and youth educators in the Southwest and Northern Plains regions.
The Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) is a 1994 Land-Grant institution whose mission is “To empower creativity and leadership in Native Arts and cultures through higher education, life-long learning, and outreach”. We provided funds to support the IAIA Land Grant Program which merges traditional knowledge with western science – where appropriate – to empower our Native American communities. The IAIA Land -Grant Program provides outreach and resources so that community members may gain skills and knowledge to achieve their agricultural endeavors, ensure food security through sustainable practices, and enhance their health and wellness, thereby becoming thriving members of their communities.
Build climate and Indigenous resilience by supporting Native American student interns interested in Indigenous food systems and the Regenerative Food Systems Certificate at Fort Lewis College.

Dine College

Develop and/or deliver region-specific scientific information and technologies for agricultural and natural resource managers that enable climate-smart decision- making. Enhance climate knowledge and resilience on tribal working lands. Develop and/or investigate science-based land management and conservation practices.
This team works with Tribal communities to establish trust and facilitate knowledge sharing. They will provide information on current drought conditions, outlooks, and resources for community adaptation. 
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